From SEO in Cheshire to Multiple Lead Generation Strategies

Big Boom Marketing started life as an SEO company in Cheshire working to generate online leads and sales for local companies. This soon expanded to include businesses along the M62 corridor, including Manchester and Liverpool and then the rest of the UK.
We now provide several internet marketing services but still all with one purpose: ONLINE LEAD GENERATION for our clients.




It’s essential to monitor, build and then market your reputation online. Searchers that find you business online or those that hear of it offline want reassurance. Displaying a 5 star reputation across the web will attract many customers.
We are covering the full cost of your access to state-of-the-art software. Reveal HIDDEN comments online about your business. Is your business affected? RRP £89 per report.

ADWORDS PPC MANAGEMENT The fastest way to put your business in front of customers already searching for your services and products. Adwords PPC is a complex platform needing expert management to avoid wasted spend and lost leads. It will give instant results. On average, our expertise will discover a staggering 12-64% wasted spend from badly managed accounts. That means lost money, opportunities and customers. SIGN UP BELOW to request a no-cost Full Audit or a Market Analysis for prospective Adwords users. Normally we charge £129 for this comprehensive analysis. You may be stunned – and possibly dismayed – by our findings.  

A longer term strategy than previous years but still the No1 lead generator. Estimates vary quite wildly but following an online search expect 55 – 75% of clicks through to a website to come via the organic (SEO) listings.

A hugely engaging form of inbound marketing. Videos can often rank highly and quickly in the search results and are super-attractive to searchers. A Video SEO campaign is required in addition to an engaging video.

A medium to longer term inbound marketing strategy. You must deliver value and create relationships. Linkedin is our preferred platform for B2B campaigns and Facebook for B2C campaigns.

ONLINE or OFFLINE Lead Generation?

Like every business we have questioned what type of lead generation would work best for us. In fact, we have researched or tried most things.

  • Postal mailings were just too expensive.
  • Networking meetings were tiring, early morning and gave us little return.
  • Cold calling is just soul destroying.
  • Telemarketing has a low success rate and legal obstacles.
  • Email campaigns worked a little better but on average 4 out of every 5 emails are trashed without opening.
  • Newspaper and other print Ads were being seen by fewer and fewer people
  • Television or Radio Ads were mega bucks.
  • Leaflets drops (junk mail) ended up in the waste bin

Then came our ‘Hallelujah’ moment.

Differences between outbound and inbound marketingOutbound Marketing
We walked away from 80% of offline marketing because it mostly falls into the category of Outbound or Interruption Marketing.
Interruption marketing is any form of advertising that makes a person stop what they are doing to pay attention or deal with it some other way.
For modern day consumers it is just way too irritating.

Inbound Marketing
Far better is the strategy that occurs when potential customers are already searching for the services you offer and your business is placed in front of them.
This is known as Inbound Marketing. As customers are already searching for your services the likelihood of them becoming a new customer is many times greater than Interruption Marketing.



  1. Attract as many quality ‘Buyers’ (traffic) to your chosen destination as possible by using inbound marketing. Ordinarily this destination is a website but it could be another location such as a social media page or even your physical premises.
  2. Ensure these buyers are highly targeted and ready to do business with you. Inbound marketing will do that for you.
  3. Make your landing page (destination) relevant and inviting. Give a Call to Action to encourage purchase.
  4. Retain customer details and promote additional services / goods.



Today, if your business is neglecting online marketing, you are missing a lot of potential customers, profitable customers.
In the UK alone there are approximately 750,000,000 searches on Google each month looking for the sevices of local businesses. This figure is growing at 9% per year

We keep up with the very latest developments in generating profitable traffic for businesses online.

We also help businesses improve their conversion rate so that the visitors you do get to your website actually buy from you.


Talk to us anytime. You are always welcome.

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