How Important is a 5 Star Reputation Online?


A 5 Star Reputation means everything online. Ask the CEO’s of Ebay and Amazon. These huge businesses are based on REPUTATION. Every product is reviewed. Every seller is reviewed. Every buyer is reviewed. Sellers are desperate to maintain their reputations. The rewards are huge but are only reaped by those with the best reputations.



Building a 5 STAR REPUTATION Online is VITAL for the success of any business. So WHY is this?

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  • Great Reviews send customers to a business faster than any other online factor. Buyers trust online reviews: In a 2014 study by 88% of consumers reported that they read online reviews to determine if a business was a good business. Even when a business is referred by ‘word of mouth’ 87% of people will check the company out online! So, a business best have a great reputation!
  •  SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Google Local Maps Optimisation, Video Marketing and all the other traffic generation methods are totally wasted if your reputation is poor. Even if you have no online reviews or are just rated as good then it is still not where you need to be. Only 5 star reviews will attract new business. Would you choose the company with the 5 star reputation?
  • Customer reviews (‘social signals’) are a major factor in organic Website ranking, Google Maps ranking and Directory ranking. Reviews are now regularly shown in Adwords PPC Ads.
  • There are dozens of online directories used by millions of people everyday searching for local businesses. Each directory has the option to leave a review.
  • Perform a search for a local business and the results will include a string of directories. A potential customer can choose any of these to find a recommended company. Who does the customer call? That’s right – The one will the 5 Star reputation!
  • G+ Local Pages are indexed. There are 3 places available for a business to appear on the first page of the Google Local search results before scrolling down. The number of well optimised 5 star reviews is a significant factor in the decision as to which businesses will appear in the coveted local search results.
  • Competition for business is fierce online. The rewards are huge. A great reputation ensures the ‘cream rises to the top’

3 Steps To Becoming A Market Leader

  1. MANAGE a 5 Star Reputation
  2. BUILD a 5 Star Reputation
  3. MARKET a 5 Star Reputation


From perfectly optimised reviews to training our clients employees in reputation management, Big Boom Marketing offers the most effective ‘Reputation Marketing’ service available.
For your business to forge ahead online you need a GREAT reputation; not just an average reputation or even a good reputation.

We deliver the online version of the most effective marketing strategy ever ‘Word of Mouth’. Only this time 1000’s of customers are listening each time you speak.


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