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Why do websites need to be mobile friendly?


It’s all down to this constantly changing Google algorithm stuff! Just when you thought it was safe to venture boldly into the world of SEO, Google goes and throws another hurdle in the way. Well, it is one that can be easily jumped but nevertheless it is estimated that 40% of websites will be adversely affected.

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In the Age of the Internet where it seems there a no secrets does your business need to hire a Reputation Management specialist? There is no hiding online. Reputation risk is higher than it has ever been. Disgruntled customers, ex employees and competitors can all freely post reviews of your business pretty much anywhere. Happily, the same goes for really contented customers! Social media has made the world more transparent so news – good and bad – travels quicker and further than ever before. The first question to ask is whether your business is one that relies on a great reputation to attract new business. If it is you may need the help of a reputation management specialist.



reputation management specialistEvery company wants a great reputation. Every company wants people talking about how great they are. Every company wants friends, customers and associates to recommend them.

BUT…. are some businesses more reliant on a great online reputation than others?

The answer to that question is YES.

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Why you definitely need a mobile friendly website


Well, now it’s all to do with that pesky Google algorithm. All websites should render (change dimensions and look appealing) when viewed on mobile devices (tablets and phones). We have long advocated this but now it appears Google is demanding it.

Lets back track a little and give a brief explanation of the Google Algorithm.

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Why Should I have a Blog?


For those that have been blogging for years the answer may seem simple but those answers will be varied and often unique to what you are trying to achieve.
Some blog just for fun, some for their business, some for a living and some just for a social life! But what is clear is that Blogging is here to stay!




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I wish we had £10 for every time we were asked the question: “How do I get more visitors to my website?” I can feel the Caribbean sea lapping at my feet now as I order a cold beer!

It seems a pretty simple question but on more than one occasion the underlying question is “How do I create more online sales?”. Business owners often equate more website traffic with more sales and this is a reasonable expectation, for sure.

However, it doesn’t necessarily follow.

Let’s clear this up first before discussing the actual processes by which you can increase the visitor numbers to your website.




Firstly, sales IS a numbers game but the most desirable website visitors should have a high ‘purchase potential’; they need to be quality visitors if you expect better sales. Quality of visitor depends on WHERE and HOW you source your website traffic.

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Online Business Directory Listings – Will they Help my Business?

UK online business directories


Recently we have been asked about the effect of Business Directory Listings on the SERPs (search engine results pages) and the traffic generation potential of various directory websites. So, with Google’s constant algorithm updates and the resulting confusion we though it may help to put some thoughts out there. The desire to give a fresh perspective was also prompted by the news that the Yahoo! Directory is soon to shut down.

Maybe the guys at Yahoo know something we don’t regarding the future of business directories?

This directory was first introduced in 1994 and is often quoted – along with the DMOZ directory – as the most beneficial for SEO purposes and the most highly regarded. It’s a paid service and the last time we looked was $299 per annum. Not cheap initially but if you track the leads it creates you can then value its worth!
business directoryYahoo’s directory will officially close on December 31st 2014 when advertisers will be given details on being upgraded to a new service. We await details on the new service but expect pretty much more of the same with a few more bells and whistles. More importantly it seems that business directories do yet have some mileage.

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Linkedin for Beginners


linkedinWhen it comes to marketing a business online it is a growing trend to prioritise social media. Why? Because it’s free and we all love stuff that’s free. But is it really free? Of course there are all sorts of paid Ad platforms within the various social media platforms. There are also plenty of upsells from the basic free package but you don’t have to utilize any of these in order to see a return from your time.

And that’s the point – your ‘time’. Social Media success for a business takes time and time is not something we can give freely. How much is your time worth? £20/hr? £40/hr? £100/hr? more? Just one hour per day given to social media pursuits can cost hundreds of pounds per week of your valuable time.

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Social Media mistakes in business

Unless you have been holidaying in a Peruvian cave for the last five years you may read somewhere that utilising social media can help grow your business. This is true. To many people that’s not news; there’s a lot of talk about it. Unfortunately, talk is all it is. Few people can really nail social media and there are countless social media mistakes in business.

Who REALLY knows how to use social media to grow a business? Do you? Well, actually you probably know more than you think but in reality there are very few people who can claim to successfully exploit the riches that social media marketing can deliver to businesses of all sizes. I say you know more than you think because undoubtedly you already understand what irritates YOU about businesses using social media. If it irritates you it will irritate others, maybe more, maybe less, but irritating all the same.

So you see you do have knowledge of social media marketing! You know it’s easy to get it wrong and you know what makes it wrong.
Congratulations! You are 50% there in the understanding of what makes an effective social media campaign.

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Should I use SEO or other methods for website traffic generation?

traffic generation onlineThis is a question that has become more frequent following Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates and the Hummingbird overhaul. Website traffic generation is the lifeblood of all online businesses. Put simply, Google’s algorithm updates were introduced to improve the quality of the search results. Respectively, they addressed poor quality content on sites, back-link manipulation that gave websites an ‘undeserved’ ranking advantage and finally the way Google ‘reads’ a search request. That’s enough detail for now!

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Big Boom Marketing Bespoke Fleeces


OK, so why have the title Big Boom Marketing Bespoke Fleeces? That’s more than boring! Yes, we agree. Happily that is not the point for this blog.

You may have read many conflicting reports concerning the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation) and how Google’s website ranking algorithm has been affected by most creatures of the animal kingdom: most recently the Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird updates.

Here in the UK, Google is the ‘Big Cheese’ of the search engine world. 90% of online searches in the UK are entrusted to Google’s search engine. The company whose motto is ‘Don’t Be Evil’ is regarded as just that by some webmasters whose websites have disappeared from view following various algorithm updates; we don’t share that view.

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There are more routes to your customers online than ever before


Since 2010 the Internet has been the number one source of customers for business. FACT – More money is spent marketing businesses online than any other channel.

So why is this? Well, the answer is easy: It simply outperforms all other channels. Businesses can reach a targeted audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the entire globe. Your business can search for and find customers online. Additionally, customers can find your business online. The internet never sleeps so if you ‘feed’ it properly and treat it right you will have a friend for life.

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cheshire website video

Well, let’s answer the question by taking a look at what video can do for your website:

Search engines give priority to websites that contain video. In fact your website is 51 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google if it contains video. So if you are striving for high search rankings then video is essential.

68% of people who watch video online will forward the video link to their friends. Video has much more ‘share-ability’ than text. As an example of this videos are shared 1200% more than other links and texts combined on Facebook.Social video accounts for 51% of all Internet traffic. This is set to rise to 90% by 2015.

So, is website video important? Let’s continue ……

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The Truth about Internet Marketing


Much has been written about online marketing. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the destruction wreaked by this media. Many long established businesses have been decimated by online providers: bookstores, music shops, travel agents – the list goes on and on. It also doesn’t take long for that same genius to figure that Internet Marketing has been the saviour of many businesses. So whether you see the emergence of online marketing as good or bad …. Read On…..


Q. Who will cry for the death of your business?

A. You, your family, your co-workers – certainly not your competitors. They will be laughing all the way to the bank.

The First Rule of Innovation – ADAPT or DIE. Do you want certain business death or business success?

 Maybe you think your business is Internet-proof? THINK again ……..  and quick.

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The death of the High Street as we know it is not big news, nor is it surprising, but it is something we all have to accept. Simply, the High Street needs to evolve. What it evolves into will be determined essentially by what the Internet fails to deliver.

So what exactly does the High Street deliver that the Internet cannot? Well, that’s a discussion worthy of another post but as I see it there are 3 simple elements to consider:

  • The ‘social’ aspect of the High Street v’s the ‘clinical’ nature of Internet shopping.
  • To identify the services and products that only a physical premises can deliver.
  • Immediacy of need and speed of delivery.

To be sure, online retailers are providing 24/7 delivery services. It’s also true that the social interaction online is becoming its own close community – a fact recognised by Mary Portas when attempting to revive the UK High Street. So that leaves the question of which services and products will always be need a High Street premises.

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