Check my website is mobile friendly

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Why do websites need to be mobile friendly?   It’s all down to this constantly changing Google algorithm stuff! Just when you thought it was safe to venture boldly into the world of SEO, Google goes and throws another hurdle in the way. Well, it is one that can be easily jumped but nevertheless it… Read more »

Reputation Management Specialist

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REPUTATION MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST In the Age of the Internet where it seems there a no secrets does your business need to hire a Reputation Management specialist? There is no hiding online. Reputation risk is higher than it has ever been. Disgruntled customers, ex employees and competitors can all freely post reviews of your business pretty… Read more »

Do I need a mobile friendly website?

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Why you definitely need a mobile friendly website   Well, now it’s all to do with that pesky Google algorithm. All websites should render (change dimensions and look appealing) when viewed on mobile devices (tablets and phones). We have long advocated this but now it appears Google is demanding it. Lets back track a little… Read more »

Will Business Directory Listings Help my Website Ranking?

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Online Business Directory Listings – Will they Help my Business?   Recently we have been asked about the effect of Business Directory Listings on the SERPs (search engine results pages) and the traffic generation potential of various directory websites. So, with Google’s constant algorithm updates and the resulting confusion we though it may help to… Read more »

LinkedIn for beginners

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Linkedin for Beginners   When it comes to marketing a business online it is a growing trend to prioritise social media. Why? Because it’s free and we all love stuff that’s free. But is it really free? Of course there are all sorts of paid Ad platforms within the various social media platforms. There are… Read more »

Easy guide to SEO & Website Traffic Generation

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Should I use SEO or other methods for website traffic generation? This is a question that has become more frequent following Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates and the Hummingbird overhaul. Website traffic generation is the lifeblood of all online businesses. Put simply, Google’s algorithm updates were introduced to improve the quality of the search… Read more »

Big Boom Marketing Bespoke Fleeces

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Big Boom Marketing Bespoke Fleeces   OK, so why have the title Big Boom Marketing Bespoke Fleeces? That’s more than boring! Yes, we agree. Happily that is not the point for this blog. You may have read many conflicting reports concerning the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation) and how Google’s website ranking algorithm has… Read more »

The Truth about Internet Marketing

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The Truth about Internet Marketing   Much has been written about online marketing. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the destruction wreaked by this media. Many long established businesses have been decimated by online providers: bookstores, music shops, travel agents – the list goes on and on. It also doesn’t take long for… Read more »

Death of the High Street

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DEATH OF THE HIGH STREET   The death of the High Street as we know it is not big news, nor is it surprising, but it is something we all have to accept. Simply, the High Street needs to evolve. What it evolves into will be determined essentially by what the Internet fails to deliver…. Read more »