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Why do websites need to be mobile friendly?


It’s all down to this constantly changing Google algorithm stuff! Just when you thought it was safe to venture boldly into the world of SEO, Google goes and throws another hurdle in the way. Well, it is one that can be easily jumped but nevertheless it is estimated that 40% of websites will be adversely affected.

For those confused by ‘the algorithm’ – which incidentally 99.9% of folk are – here’s a brief explanation.

mobile friendly websiteGoogle’s algorithm is a set of rules / equations / factors that the search engine employs when determining the order of web pages following a search request. The Holy Grail is for your page to be returned in position 1 or at least on the first page of the results.

The algorithm only applies to organic search results ie non sponsored results (Ads)

The example to the left shows the returned results from the search ‘fast acting diet’. In total Google has returned just under 5 million web pages. Positioned at No1 for that search term is a page from

In Google’s eyes, this webpage delivers the most pertinent and trusted information for the search phrase ‘fast acting diet’.

Its algorithm has been put to work!

The algorithm reportedly contains around 200 factors which determine the SERPs (search engine ranking positions)

Easy isn’t it?

Well, yes and no. It’s easy to understand but the algorithm factors are a ‘secret’. Occasionally, Google will let a bit of information out of the bag but the majority of factors are discovered by constant tracking and testing.

That’s why I said 99.9% of people do not understand the algorithm in its entirety – it’s a secret and it’s constantly changing!

Phew, glad that’s over.

So what about mobile websites?

On 21st April Google announced an update to its algorithm.

Basically, websites that don’t render properly (look good and are easy to navigate) on mobile phones will be given less favour in the search engine results.

The reasoning is easy to understand:

  • 50%+ of searches are now performed using a mobile phone
  • Google wants its customers (searchers) to have the best experience.

Google is like any other business; it needs to see profit. If searchers return to use the search engine time and time again they are exposed to paid advertising and other income generating methods. Just click on one of the Ads in the search example image above and Google is paid by the advertiser. Last year it was to the tune of $54 billion!

mobile websiteIf your not sure about your website’s capability to display well on small screens follow this link:

Mobile Website Test

Then pop over here to see if we can help: Mobile compliant websites



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