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Why you definitely need a mobile friendly website


Well, now it’s all to do with that pesky Google algorithm. All websites should render (change dimensions and look appealing) when viewed on mobile devices (tablets and phones). We have long advocated this but now it appears Google is demanding it.

Lets back track a little and give a brief explanation of the Google Algorithm.

24-04-2015 13-19-46The algorithm is a set of equations / factors / determinants that the search engine employs when deciding the order in which web pages rank following a search query. Here is an example (image left) of the results following the search ‘fast weight loss’.

The web page that is deemed most suitable – occupying the hallowed No1 spot for the search query – is from

Look closely (click the image) and you will see at the top that Google has returned nearly 100,000,000 web page results in 0.23 seconds!

So that is the algorithm at work. Clever stuff.

It has sorted and ordered nearly 100 million web pages. The page Google believes most pertinent and trustworthy is No 1, least worthy, number 97,700,000.

Simple isn’t it?

Well, yes and no. The concept is simple but the exact factors Google uses to determine this ranking order are a secret. Most experts agree that there are about 200 factors employed but these are constantly evolving. Apart from Google drip feeding some information concerning the makeup of their search algorithm, most deductions concerning the 200 factors come from constant testing and comparisons. The search engine algorithm is the basis of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy

Phew, glad that’s over. Away with you algorithm, you are such a tease!

So what about mobile compliant websites?

On April 21st 2015 Google decided that websites that don’t look right or navigate properly on mobile phones would lose favour in the SERP’s (search engine results pages). This is a MAJOR update.

Why would they do this?

mobile websiteSimple – Google wants to give its customers (searchers) the best possible experience and there is nothing wrong with that. Over 50% of searches are now performed on a mobile phone. If the results look poor these customers may migrate to another search engine provider. As long as we continue to use Google we are exposed to sponsored Ads and other income generating projects. The sponsored Ads on Google generate over $50 billion per year alone. There’s good reason why Google wants its users to return!

Unfortunately, it is estimated that 40% of sites may lose favour because of this Google update.

Is your site one of them?

Click on the link to find out. It’s that easy. MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITE CHECK

If you need some help get in touch WEBSITE ADVICE

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