Adwords PPC Management – Not for the faint-hearted

Google’s Adwords pay-per-click system can be very tricky to master and not at all suited to beginners. There is a steep learning curve but it does not end there; Last year there were 250 updates to the system so it is a full-time job responding to the opportunities that arise as well as the numerous pitfalls.
Managed well, Adwords can be a superb source of business leads. A mismanaged account can be a costly nightmare. An estimated $20 billion is mismanaged in Adwords accounts every year.

If you are thinking about running an Adwords campaign or have an active campaign you have to ask yourself 2 SIMPLE Questions:


Will Adwords ever work for MY Business?

If so, HOW do I know my campaign is giving me the best PROFIT possible?


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PPC Management ManchesterAdwords is the title given to Google’s program of offering advertising space on the world’s biggest search engine. Other search engines have their versions but as Google Search dominates the UK market let’s stay with Adwords. Google raised $60 billion in 2016 from advertising revenue!

An effective Adwords campaign can be a complex system to master. A lot of money can be wasted if you are less than 100% prepared before you start investing in this type of online marketing but more of that later.

To be brief, Google offers advertising via the search results (the search network) or by placing Ads on relevant websites (the display network). The cost to the advertiser is dependent on which payment model they choose: CPC or CPM

  • CPMPay per 1000 views of the Ad on relevant websites
  • CPCPay each time an Ad is clicked that then takes a visitor to your website


  • Great for new websites that struggle to rank in the organic results. This is a growing problem as Google’s algorithm changes make high ranking a more long term undertaking. You can achieve instant exposure with Adwords.
  • Great for established websites to rank for more or new keywords.



Adwords pay per click

When anyone conducts an online search they naturally want the most relevant, unbiased answers to show. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for goods, services, facts or anything else; people always want a response that is not tainted by the spectre of ‘advertising’.
That’s just a fact I’m afraid and explains why the natural, or organic, search results are often favoured for general search results. However, if the search is a more “commercial” search the Ads can prove very popular. If you want to see how we can help you rank highly for the natural (non Ads) search results please go to our SEO services page.




  1. SIGN UP to Adwords
  2. Write 3 lines of text for your Ad
  3. Choose which keywords you want to show for
  4. Choose in which geographic locations you want your Ad to show
  5. Set your daily budget and your budget for each click (CPC)

You will ‘bid’ (auction style) against your competitors who also want to appear high in the results for a certain search term. The Top 3 positions are the most sought after. To help you decide how much you would like to bid for each click Google will guide you with a ‘first page bid estimate’ and discount your CPC if your Ad proves popular.

So how does Google decide which Ad appears at the Top of the paid results? Well, this is based partially on how much you bid. Google employs many factors to decide where you appear in the results!

You will get a higher placement in the Ad spots if you:

  • Bid Higher £ for the keywords (more revenue for the search engine)
  • If you Ad is clicked more (also creates more revenue for the search engine)
  • Your Quality Score

Google also gives you a QUALITY SCORE which is based on many factors and further determines where your Ad places in the sponsored search results.

Adword ppc

The QS is an evaluation of your Ad campaign by Google. The most important factor is the Historical Click-Thru Rate of the Keyword and the matched Ad which represents about 60% of the overall Quality Score. Why? Because if the Ad receives loads of clicks then you spend more and Google earns more! The Quality Score is also the biggest factor affecting the CPC bid price.






  • Click Fraud. Competitors can click on your Ad repeatedly to drain your resources. Fortunately, Google has put in place several measures to limit this.
  • Bad Match Types. Your Ad could appear in irrelevant searches and waste your ‘click’ budget.
  • Poor use of Negative Keyword Match. Refine your campaign with this important option.
  • Bad Landing Page. You need to target a relevant page or create a new one if you want your customers to hang around.
  • Failure to Track Campaigns. Adwords campaigns needs to be constantly tweeked in response to performance.
  • Setting-up & then Leaving the Campaign Alone. This is a huge mistake. Adwords is a very dynamic platform. There are constant changes – not only to the platform – but also in people’s searching habits.



  • Instant boost for your website in the search results
  • Fast Profits!
  • New Products Launched Fast!
  • See What the competition is Doing

So, that’s a brief Introduction to Sponsored Online Advertising via Adwords. Even a brief overview can appear complicated but we hope it helps you in some way. A couple of easy-to-read reports below will further help with understanding Adwords.


Adwords PPC bannerAdwords remarketing banner


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