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In the Age of the Internet where it seems there a no secrets does your business need to hire a Reputation Management specialist? There is no hiding online. Reputation risk is higher than it has ever been. Disgruntled customers, ex employees and competitors can all freely post reviews of your business pretty much anywhere. Happily, the same goes for really contented customers! Social media has made the world more transparent so news – good and bad – travels quicker and further than ever before. The first question to ask is whether your business is one that relies on a great reputation to attract new business. If it is you may need the help of a reputation management specialist.



reputation management specialistEvery company wants a great reputation. Every company wants people talking about how great they are. Every company wants friends, customers and associates to recommend them.

BUT…. are some businesses more reliant on a great online reputation than others?

The answer to that question is YES.

It is important to accept that with the evolution of the Internet the reputation of a business is visible everywhere online: directories, review websites, social media, forums, blogs, video hosting sites etc. The consequences of this visibility can be massive.

A digital marketing agency is no different to any other business in the way that services are marketed to prospective clients. For a service such as Reputation Marketing it is important to research the types of business that this service would be crucial for. In other words it is sensible to segment the market and only approach professions for which a great reputation is vital and a poor, or non existant reputation is ill-advised.

At first there was a lot of head-scratching and vague stares into the cosmos.

Surely, every business needs an impeccable reputation? While this is arguably true we eventually concluded that some business niches can only thrive if they have a visible, up-to-date ‘super-reputation’. Other business niches are not so reliant on this.



Measuring the necessity and impact of a 5 STAR REPUTATION online for different businesses

Our findings are based on 2 parameters: TRUST and CONSEQUENCE.

We concluded that businesses requiring an exemplary reputation were those in which their customers had to display a significant degree of trust in the provider.

Trust is sub-divided into 2 categories:
Emotional Trust – the customer is entrusting the appointed business with an emotive issue eg childcare, care homes, dog kennels.
Performance Trust – the customer is entrusting the appointed business with an issue or project they are not conversant with due to a lack of knowledge or skill. They are relying on the expertise of the business to deliver the best service without the customer necessarily understanding all of the elements eg accountants, solicitors, car repairs, cosmetic surgeons, PC repairs.


On a scale of 1 to 10 how much trust (emotional and/or performance) must a potential customer place in your business?
SCORE of 1    An average new customer does not need to exhibit any emotional or performance trust in my profession.
SCORE of 5    An average new customer relies on my judgement and skills to a minor degree but has a good insight.

SCORE of 10  An average new customer must trust everything I do. They rely wholly on my judgement.

Record your finding


What are the negative consequences for the customer if a provider delivers a poor service? This can range from no real consequence to huge wasted spend, time and effort, heartache and pain. If the consequences of a poor service delivery are only small then it is less lkely that a prospective customer will research the business reputation. Alternatively, the greater the consequence of a poor sevice delivery the more important is your existing reputation.


On a scale of 1 to 10 what are the consequences of your business delivering a sub standard service?
SCORE of 1    There are no consequences.
SCORE of 5    There are limited consequences. This could be a relatively small monetary cost (<£100), time and effort.

SCORE of 10  The consequences could be severe. This can range from excessive wasted spend, time, pain, danger, imprisonment or even death.

Record your finding



If you are recording scores for trust and consequence above 5 then your reputation is increasingly important for the ongoing success of your business.

So businesses that require a high level of customer’s TRUST and the CONSEQUENCES of a poor service are high will always require an outstanding 5 STAR ONLINE REPUTATION because customers will be extremely diligent in their research. Why? Read Here

reputation marketing specialistSuffice to say 90% of consumers now search reviews before making a purchase for a product or service and 88% of consumers trust online reviews. A good reputation management specialist will not simply BUILD reviews. Reviews – good and bad – must be continually MONITORED and addressed. Bad reviews can be converted into good reviews. Good reviews must be distributed (via text, image & video) across the web. These reviews need to be MARKETED. Why hide your light under a bushel?


Before long your business will become the “Go To” business in your niche.




Let’s just review a few business niches based on the TRUST / CONSEQUENCE Model. The list is by no means exhaustive.

High Trust.
High Consequence
Solicitors, Surgeons, Accountants, Car repairs
Dentists, Builders, Care homes, Kennels, Architects, Kitchen & Bathroom Fitters, Tattoo removal, Asbestos removal, Gas Engineers, Childcare, Surveyors, Computer repairs, Electricians,
Medium Trust.
Medium Consequence
Car valeters, Window cleaners, lawn treatment, Painters, Locksmith, Catering, Hotels, Restaurants. Wedding Planner.
Low Trust.Low Consequence Supermarkets, Clothes shops, General Retail



Not all businesses fit neatly into the above categories but If you identify yourself as a business that fits the High Trust / High Consequence sector then a current, superior reputation will inspire confidence.

Big Boom Marketing – Reputation Management Specialist and Provider of the UK’s No1 Reputation Marketing strategy.

Here’s a great article on the importance of Reputation and Review Marketing





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