There are 3 Options of the Reputation Marketing Service. Please Call US on 01925 728776 to discuss the details in full.

The BRONZE option will set up and optimise 14 major online review sites and monitor them 24 hrs a day. The optimisation will make the directory listing attractive to visitors and search engines. You will receive instant notification of all reviews so you can respond appropriately. You will receive monthly analytical reports. Full email support is provided.

The SILVER option builds on the bronze option by including 2 bespoke feedback pages that are used to capture reviews and take surveys. This way all reviews can be monitored before posting online. Each review is filtered by whether it is deemed +VE or -VE; video responses and follow up vary accordingly. +VE reviewers are encouraged to leave a live review online in the location of your choice. -VE reviewers are reponded to with courtesy and concern; every attempt is made to overcome their grievance. This package also includes a customised print facility to create 10 types of printed materials to encourage reviews (flyers, business cards, tabletop cards etc) Each comes with a Q code for easy access to the feedback page. A customised android app is also available as a convenient way to get reviews in the workplace. Training videos are provided for company staff regarding the importance of 5 star reviews for your business.

The GOLD option covers all of the previous options but adds a vital ingredient: Review Marketing. All the positive reviews are posted across selected social media sites to enhance the reputation and presence of your company. The reviews are converted to image for greater impact where possible. Positive reviews are also streamed to your website. Access is given to a Customer Relationship Management system whereby in-house contacts can be added and asked for +VE reviews via SMS and email sequences and follow up. For ultimate convenience contacts can be added by list, webform, email or SMS. Unlimited promotional email campaigns can be sent and unlimited promo pages can be built. There is a full easy video tutorial system and email support.

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