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Build and market a great reputation online and your business will never look back. Modern consumers have more information at their fingertips than ever. This includes the online facilty to research your business in an instant. If your nearest competitior has a great reputation and you do not, guess where all these new customers are going?

Reputation Marketing is a simple concept. It is a 3 step Process:

MONITOR REVIEWS – Carefully watch and respond to -ve and +ve reviews across influential business directory sites
BUILD REVIEWS – Develop a system to encourage ongoing 5 star reviews
MARKET REVIEWS – Now distribute those reviews across social media and video platforms to a huge Internet audience

Video Reviews combined with an effective video SEO campaign and distribution will give your business huge credibility.
Undoubtedly, online reviews and particularly video reviews, are the best way to accelerate your company to the position of No1 in your area.


It is well documented that over 90% of consumers now research companies online before making a purchase. What better than hearing a stream of customers praising a company right before your eyes?

94% of consumers watched a video online in the last 7 days

96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions

Video reviews are very engaging and personal and because of this are highly trusted and influential. Undecided customers looking for the best service or product will now look to your business to provide.
Nothing can match the positive effect of a great video review on potential customers

Once you have video reviews though don’t just place them on your website and leave them; most businesses are blind to this. To get full value go and share them!


  • Market and Keyword research to determine the search term that you want your video to rank highly for, not just on the video hosting site, but also the major search engines.
  • The video file itself and details within the chosen hosting site need careful optimisation.
  • The video should be distributed to relevant video hosting sites and other sites, including social media, to gain full exposure.
  • Ongoing SEO is required to push the video higher in the search engine results. If you have done your research well, video is often easier to rank higher than web pages.

Big Boom Marketing provides video production, distribution and Video SEO expertise. Call us on 01925 728776.



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