When we started our internet marketing business in Warrington SEO was the most prized lead generation strategy. Every business wanted a piece of the SEO pie and high search ranking results made a success of many companies.
Fast forward a few years and successful search engine optimisation is very different. Read about the history of SEO here: http://bigboommarketing.co.uk/seo-warrington.

seo popularity chartSEO statistics

One thing definitely hasn’t changed though; when your business ranks high in the search results you will get more traffic to your website. This means more customers to your business premises, more phone calls, more sales, more donations or whatever else it is you are trying to achieve.

SEO is still the No1 online lead generation tactic for business.

93% of all online experiences begin with a search.





  1. Market Research
    Sure, it sounds obvious but the decision to commit to SEO, like any form of marketing, is based on ROI. If potential customers are not looking online – in sufficient numbers – for the service you offer then SEO is not viable. ‘Sufficient’ numbers will depend on the value of a new customer. Even if a significant number of people are searching you must be aware of point No 2.
  2. The Level of Competition
    Some niches are incredibly competitive and attempting to break into first page search results would be a lengthy process and take a hefty budget. In this instance it is better to uncover profitable niches within the industry that are less competitive but still profitable.
  3. The Foundation
    A website has to be ‘search engine friendly’. There are many technical issues that contribute to a website not appearing in the search results: poor navigation, no sitemap, slow load speeds, coding errors, broken links, duplicate content etc. These are all factors that need correcting so that a website is prepared for a successful SEO campaign. A comprehensive website audit will uncover these issues: http://bigboommarketing.co.uk/website-audit-reportsSearch engine optimisation
  4. On Page Optimisation
    These are the improvements you make to your own website. Here we are referring to pages or posts you wish to rank highly in the search results: 1500 – 2000 words of high quality, relevant text that includes a keyword or category optimised url, title tag (max 55 characters), meta description (max 160 characters), heading tags and alt tags. Relevant images and video can also increase a page’s ranking.
  5. Off Page Optimisation
    These are positive changes made on other web properties that affect your website’s standing: backlinks from high quality (PR) sites, social signals, business reviews, Google Business Page, citations (NAP consistent), video marketing, press releases etc.




Our commitment is to deliver and maintain SEO success from the minimum investment required. Sometimes that investment is substantial (very competitive markets) and sometimes it is small. However it is exactly that – an investment.

To achieve this we gradually phase in additional SEO tactics. After each campaign tactic we wait, analyse the results and add more services if necessary. We don’t need to hit a nut with a sledgehammer. There is no value in success costing £5k if £500 could achieve the same results.

Ongoing SEO success can be affected by uncontrollable variables. This includes new competition or increased marketing activity from existing competitors or changes to search engine algorithms. Our strategies are all Google compliant.

Big Boom Marketing has a NO CONTRACT policy. We do not enforce a minimum time period for any of our services. We always advise clients that successful outcomes from SEO campaigns range from 8 weeks to 12 months, depending on the niche, competition and the target customer location. We are happy to raise a contract if the client wishes.



Each project begins with a consultation to thoroughly understand the client’s business, objectives, their customer profile and locality. We can then perform some top-level analysis of the market and online competition. Once we have a complete understanding we can recommend the optimum SEO strategy.
Our experience is that approximately 20-30% of cases are unsuitable for SEO.

SEO campaigns are ultimately about creating sales and leads, but if SEO is not  suitable for your type of business there are alternatives: http://bigboommarketing.co.uk/

Generally, search engine optimisation campaigns are split into 2 categories: Local and National. Local campaigns are for those businesses whose customer base is close by. National campaigns are for businesses that provide products or services to a country or even worldwide.
Each type requires a different approach. As you may expect the national option is often more competitive.



In many instances SEO is a continuous, longer term project; this is usually when the level of competition is high.
There are 3 phases to a Big Boom Marketing project:

  • THE FOUNDATIONS – Ensuring the website is primed for success: technical issues, content, keywords etc are all optimised.
  • DRIVE TO THE TOP – Phased introduction of the necessary tactics to gain high rankings and ROI: content, link-building, social signals, reviews and other assets
  • MAINTENANCE – Minimal ongoing tactics required to achieve high search engine placing.

However, it is possible to achieve success with little effort. You could, for example, dominate the search engine rankings in very low competition local niches with ONE-TIME services and no ongoing maintenance tactics. If that is all it takes, that is all we need deliver. Our expertise determines what is necessary when.






Illustration with metal gears, globe, mouse and written SEOWebsite Audit
The huge factor in SEO rankings right now is ensuring onsite issues are resolved and optimised. If the Quality score of a website is raised then its rankings will increase rapidly. Audit prices range significantly as it depends on the size of the website and the numbers of pages that need analysing. Remedial work to fix the issues will also vary with the extent of the problems.

On Site SEO
1. Keyword Research
A vital step to determine which key phrases you would like individual web pages to rank highly for in the search results. The choice of keywords should reflect the optimum balance between the number of searches performed for a key phrase and the level of competition. 
2. On Site Optimisation
This includes writing relevant and compelling title tags, description tags and keyword tags. The cost of onsite optimisation is dependent on the number of pages that require work
3. Quality Content
Written website content must be of the highest quality in order to be considered for a high search result placing. Poor content is one of the biggest SEO problems today. New research suggests that content length should be no less than 800 words but 1500 – 2000 words is preferable for tougher niches and especially on the Home Page. Our content writing team are all experienced writers with English as a first language. 
4. Link Removal
Low quality links pointing to your website are a big negative. These links can seriously affect your ranking. The link removal process filters all of your sites backlinks and then every one of them is examined manually to determine its quality. The process can take several days. Poor links are collated in a disavow file and uploaded to Webmaster tools for removal. 




Contextual Links
Web traffic concept, Illustration of seo over black background with green light and blur effect.1. Guest Posting
An extremely powerful SEO factor that produces real quality links from high ranking authority sites. Links are created on websites with a minimum DA (domain authority) of 10 up to 50+. These links are absolute gold dust. Only the best writers who enjoy a long standing relationship with the site owner can post content on these sites. Many high DA sites will require a biography and photo of the website owner before publishing.
2. Press Releases

This type of professional press release will create high quality backlinks. The release is distributed to major news websites and is likely to appear in hundreds of sites, including Google News and other prestigous news sites. This is a premium PR service including writing, paid distribution and link report.
3. Web 2.0 Supporting Sites

We will manually build high authority web 2.0 properties with 100% unique content (tumbler, blogspot, wordpress, hubpages etc) These blogs are then actively boosted by backlinks to generate greater authority. 5 properties (PR5+) built with written content plus backlinks.




These backlink pyramids are very powerful. The Tier 1 sites that link directly to your website will carry a lot of influence. This can boost your website in the rankings considerably. See Image. 

Supportive Links
1. Local Business Listings
Very important for local businesses. We will submit your business to selected local directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages and Google Maps. Minimum of 35 submissions rising to 300. Existing businesses may require all submissions to be cross checked to avoid damaging duplication. 
2. Social Bookmarks
These are low volume (5 – 10) manual social bookmark submissions. 

Backlink Boosting
This service boosts the URL’s of where your backlinks are placed. It is not for promoting your website directly. It will give your tiered links a boost 

CONTENT CREATION (off website only)

Well researched, 350-400 word SEO optimised general niche articles used for offsite content (external blog sites etc) written by UK writers, copyscape checked  
Specific research, 350-400 word SEO optimised articles used for offsite content (external blog sites etc) written by UK writers. The article will contain details about your service or business as directed. Copyscape checked  


This is a very new strategy which utilisies the power of people to boost your website by Google’s recognition of your business’ status as a recognised ‘brand’. One of the measurements used is the number of people searching for your company name online as well as their search patterns and time on your website. The Crowdsearch service is also effective for other startegies such as ranking You tube videos.


Full details go here: http://bigboommarketing.co.uk/video-production

logo5988108_sm12-12-2015 08-23-32
Website Audit
Full website audit to uncover necessary remedial work N/A
Keyword ResearchDiscover high traffic / low competition commercial keywordsN/A
On Site Optimisation
Rewritten title tags, description tags & keyword tags. On page SEO tips - including content suitability - to boost resultsN/A
Link RemovalManual low quality link assessment & removal.POWERFUL
Guest PostingLink building on high authority niche related sites
DA10+ - DA50+
PRO Press ReleaseBuild Quality links via a PRO Press Release & DistributionHIGH
Web 2.0 Supporting SitesBuild 5 or 10 PR5+ Web 2.0 sites with unique content then reinforce with 1000's of backlinks (Tier 2 only)POWERFUL
TIERED (Pyramid) LINKSCreate 3 Tiers of powerful links right back to the main site. No1 tactic in 2016MOST POWERFUL
Local Business Listings35 - 300 local directory submissions. Essential for local business exposureMODERATE
Social BookmarksLow volume (5 - 10) high quality manual social bookmark submissions of your website.MODERATE
Backlink BoosterBoost existing 2nd Tier ranking properties (>PR) with 25k or 50k reinforcing backlinks.
NOT for use to main site EVER
Website content800 - 1500 words of fresh, optimised, detailed web page contentN/A
Off-site Content Creation350 - 1000 word 100% unique article
Standard - Researched general topic
Superior - Your Business specific
Authority Web 2.0 Page buildMultiply your company exposure by building an off site blog page with unique content POWERFUL
Authority Page Promotion SERP's Ranking PackageKickstart the SERPs ranking of any offsite authority page (PR, Facebook Fan Page, Blog, etc)
PROMO Press ReleaseSBWire published press release for traffic generation & SERPs - not for backlinking.N/A
Good traffic asset
Video Commercial & DistributionSend even more traffic to your websiteMODERATE
Social SignalsMimic Twitter 'celebrity style' tweet shares for huge endorsement of your website and ranking boostMOST POWERFUL
Crowdsearch - #NEWSite searches & visits by real people to boost onsite metrics, establish your brand and boost rankings. MOST POWERFUL
Fixed Package SEO for local and national campaignsN/A
Diversify Authority Property
Anchor text
Boost Tier 2 & 3 link power only
NOT for use directly to main site
High PR Niche BlogpostUnique content posted on PR 1-3 or 4+ Niche Blog sites to boost Tier 1 or 2 ranking properties.
NOT for use directly to main site
High PR Niche Blogpost + Rank Boost LinksCreate unique Blogpost on PR 1-3 or 4+ reinforcing with 15 - 150 quality links to raise "juice flow" and rank.
NOT for use directly to main site
Rank ANY Google Authority siteCreate unique Blogpost on PR 1-3 or 4+ directed at Authority site (YouTube video, blog, FB page etc) reinforce with 15 - 150 quality links to raise "juice flow" and rank.
NOT for use directly to main site

All Prices are current at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Big Boom Marketing 2016


The above services are the most potent, safe and well researched in SEO today. As new methodologies are researched and proven they will be added to our armory.
Our philosophy is to use whatever combination of strategies is necessary to secure success for our clients while giving the optimum return on investment.

We do also offer ‘fixed’ packages starting from £195 that may be well suited for new or smaller businesses. Please call for details.


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