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Why Should I have a Blog?


For those that have been blogging for years the answer may seem simple but those answers will be varied and often unique to what you are trying to achieve.
Some blog just for fun, some for their business, some for a living and some just for a social life! But what is clear is that Blogging is here to stay!




Blogging For Business

We are going to concentrate on the benefits that blogging has on a business. It is recommended that your Business Blog sits on your own server and is integrated into your website. This is a given when using CMS (content management system) platforms like WordPress. Other CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla also make it easy to add and modify content on a website with basic typing skills and a little knowledge of the system itself. If your website is a bespoke, coded design then it is quite simple to add a CMS blog also. Adding a Blog as a sub-domain and restyling it to look like an integral part of the website is recommended.

5 Reasons to maintain a Business Blog:

  • A regularly updated Blog attracts new customers to the website. The average Blog site sees 55% more visitors than traditional websites.
  • A Blog site gets indexed 434% more than other websites. The search engines favour websites that continually update their content. Why? Because a website that offers new content is a far more useful for the searcher. All search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc) strive to give the best results to the searcher. By doing this they develop a fan base that is exposed to their other, paid for services.
  • Updated content via a Blog delivers a huge SEO (search engine optimisation) advantage. Rapid indexing of some keyword optimised blog posts can deliver fast results in the SERP’s and attract new customers. A Blog is in fact vital for SEO efforts.
  • A Blog enables the business or individual to position themselves as a leader in their field via up-to-date information and commenting. With an RSS feed your blog followers will be automatically updated when a new blog is posted.
  • Regular content posting via a Blog is a signal that the business is alive and well. It also allows a controllable 2-way communication between the business and customer. Blog posts are easily shared, creating an even greater reach. It’s not easy, but there are many examples of viral blogs. You don’t need to aim for a viral blog but if it does happen just look at the numbers of shares, tweets and +1’s of this blog!

In fact we could go on an on giving reasons as to why a business blog is so valuable but the main points have been covered, we hope.

So, here are our Top Ten Tips on Blog Posting.

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